Height: 5"4   |   Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Blonde   |   Voice: Mezzo-Soprano

UK Equity  |  US EMC

new york theatre 

Your Alice   |   Alice   |   BAM (Off-Broadway)  |   Billie Aken-Tyers

Me and the Girls |   Margie (with Alan Cumming) |   AADA Company  |   Douglas Carter Beane

Wendy Darling & Peter Pan   |   Wendy Darling   |   Piper Theatre  |   John P. MCEneny

What Fresh Hell is This?   |   Dorothy Parker   |   McCarter Theatre  |   Douglas Carter Beane

Blithe Spirit |   Elvira  |   Chenango River Theatre  |   Sara Lampert-Hoover

Le Nid   |   Bluebird   |   Broadway Cares  |   Fred Bracken

Fairycakes |   Cinderella / Aurora (with Matthew Broderick)  |   MTC Reading  |   Douglas Carter Beane

Precious Little Talent (NYIT Award Winner)  |   Joey   |   West End Theatre, NYC  |   George C. Heslin

The House on Poe Street  |   Fluorine  |   Yonder Window Theatre Co.  |   Katie McHugh

Building Pain |   Narrator |   Origin First Irish Festival  |   Rory McGregor

Julius Caesar   |  Mark Antony   |   AADA  |   Kyle Fabel​

uk theatre 

Fine, Thanks   |   Leader / Lucy   |   Savoy Theatre (West End)  |  Connor Abbott

Your Alice  |   Alice  |   Edinburgh Fringe Festival / Arcola Reading  |   Billie Aken-Tyers

Or Nearest Offer   |   Joy   |   Almeida Summer Festival  |   Vik Sivalingam

There is a Light That Never Goes Out  |   Young Joy   |   Southwark Playhouse  |   Sharon Willems

State of Affairs |   Young Wife  |   Camden People's Theatre  |   Connor Abbott

Pygmalion  |  Eliza Doolittle   |   Drama Barn, York  |   Naomi Lawrence

Constellations |   Marianne |   TFTV Black Box, York  |   Connor Abbott

The Provoked Wife  |   Lady Brute (Title Role)   |   TFTV, York  |   Michael Cordner

The Dutch Courtesan  |   Crispinella  |   TFTV, York  |   Michael Cordner

Tartuffe  |  Dorine  |   TFTV, York  |   Beth Sherburn

Motortown |   Helen  |   TFTV Black Box, York  |   Rory Hern


The Secrets of Quantum Physics   |   Jazz Singer   |   BBC / Furnace Productions  |  Tim Usborne


Paradox   |   Lead   |   Eye of a Fly Productions  |  Jack Gilliat

Giant   |   Lead   |   Handsome Cab Productions  |  Josh Littlewood

Follow the Leader   |   Lead   |   Handsome Cab Productions  |  Evelien Kortum


American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC   |   Advanced Acting Diploma, AoS Degree   |   3 Year


University of York, UK   |   BA in Writing, Directing and Performance  (First Class Honours)   |   3 Year


Mountview, London  |  Musical Theatre Short Course   |   Director: Kate Golledge

National Youth Theatre of GB   |   NYT Course  |  Director: Ella Smith


Lawrence Langner Award for Voice & Speech (AADA, New York City) - 2016

New York Innovative Theatre Award (Producer - Precious Little Talent) - 2018

Eliza would like to thank her family, Karl Hofheinz and all at Synergy Talent, David Elliott and all at Buchwald, Fengar Gael, Porter Kelly, 

Douglas Carter Beane, George C. Heslin, Joe Lavezzo, Gregory Gale, Brad Simmons, Sally Ann Triplett, Christine McKenna, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 

Michael Cordner, Tom Cantrell, The Department of Theatre, Film and Television at the University of York, Brian Ward, Steve Morley and City of London School for Girls,

for their endless support and encouragement.