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Your Alice, Edinburgh

"A young Helena Bonham Carter..."

"Special mention must go to Eliza Shea playing Alice, as her phenomenal characterisation and stage presence reminds one of a young Helena Bonham Carter."

Broadway Baby, UK


The House on Poe Street, NYC

"Shea lights up the room with a bubbly energy..."

"Eliza Shea as Fluorine Seaborg is the effervescent counterpoint to her twin sisters seemingly sinister shadow self. Shea lights up the room with a bubbly energy wrapping you up in positivity. Both Nice and Shea have beautiful singing voices and create magical harmonies in the short a cappella songs they sing."

StageBiz, USA


Pygmalion, UK

"Outrageously funny..."

"Eliza Doolittle (Eliza Shea) captivated the first scenes with outrageously funny facial expressions, amplified Cockney-isms and her fierce energy, confidently sculpting a distinct impression of her character in the early stages of the play."

Nouse, UK


The House on Poe Street, NYC

"The heart and soul of the entire performance..."

"Olivia Nice and Eliza Shea are the heart and soul of the entire performance. They are lovely to watch. Their timing with each other, and moving and speaking in unison was impeccable. They have such great chemistry, they singing voices are well matched . . . two very strong female characters."

Times Square Chronicles, USA


The Provoked Wife, UK

"The runaway star..."

"The runaway star of this piece is, of course, the eponymous ‘provoked wife’, Lady Brute, played flawlessly by Eliza Shea. Having proven her ability to combine sharp wit with fantastic delivery in previous plays, this role almost seems written for Shea, allowing her the chance to showcase her talents on stage for much of the plays duration."

York Vision, UK


Tartuffe, UK

"Just watching her performance made me pause for breath...Comedic bliss..."

"A final member of the cast to whom I was drawn was Eliza Shea, playing the maid Dorine. The sheer volume of speech and the speed with which it was delivered was perfect; capturing the wit and jocosity of the rhyming couplets excellently – just watching her performance made me pause for breath. Hers was another performance which extracted an impromptu applause from the audience with the line ‘fuck me sideways!’ (a line which I reassure you is in the text!). Moreover, Shea’s discourse with Watts and Jeram provided moments of comedic bliss..."

The Narrator, UK

Little Shop of Horrors, UK

"Beautiful and soulful singing..."

"...The achievement is mostly due to the beautiful and soulful singing of Shea and Morgan, who shine as the star vocalists."

Muse, UK


Tartuffe, UK

"Shea perfectly blends comedic timing and sharp delivery... flawless..."

"Eliza Shea plays the straight-talking, sensible, and occasionally scheming Dorine, the maid who isn't afraid to say what's what . . . Never putting a foot wrong, Shea perfectly blends comedic timing and sharp delivery to give a flawless performance in this pivotal role."

York Vision, UK


Little Shop of Horrors, UK


"Eliza Shea (who played Audrey) was also mesmerising, and brilliantly delivered my favourite line of the play (that isn’t nearly as funny in the film), on how she used to wear “cheap, tasteless outfits, not nice one’s like this” whilst wrapped in a body con that makes damn sure Eliza Shea is mostly leg."

York Vision, UK


Your Alice, NYC (Off-Broadway)

"Shea is, truly, a brilliant Alice..."

"Alice Liddell and Charles Dodgson are convincingly and vibrantly resurrected by British actors Eliza Shea and Luke Antony Neville (Shea is, truly, a brilliant Alice)."

Fordham Observer, USA


The House on Poe Street, NYC

"Beautiful harmonious voices and impeccable comedic timing..."

"The true stars of this cast are Olivia Nice and Eliza Shea . . . Both have beautifully harmonious voices and impeccable comedic timing, and I can only hope that I have an opportunity to see them on stage again soon."

My Entertainment World, USA

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